Traditional Indian Meal:

Typical traditional meal consists of one meat, chicken or fish dish, with one vegetarian dish, dal (lentil), rice dish and a form of bread (roti or paranthi). This is accompanied by a raita (yogurt relish) and an assortment of chutneys and pickles.

Vegetarian dishes: (includes few Mughlai dishes *)

  • Palak paneer (spinach with indian cottage cheese)
  • Mixed vegetables curry in coconut milk
  • Aloo gobi matar subzi (potato, cauliflower, peas – dry mixed vegetables)
  • Bagara baingan (stuffed eggplant) *
  • bharwan simla mirch (stuffed capsicum/paprika)
  • Kofta (gourd or mixed vegetable dumplngs in tomato sauce) *
  • Matar mushroom (mushroom and peas curry)
  • Baingan bharta (mashed smoky eggplant)
  • Shahi paneer (royal indian cottage cheese) *
  • Shahi kajoo aloo (potatoes in cashew sauce) *
  • Vegetable stew (parsi style)
  • Bhaji per indoo (eggs on spinach)

Non-vegetarian dishes (includes few Mughlai dishes *)

  • Nargisi kofta (meatballs in tomato and yogurt sauce) *
  • Murgh/lamb lajawab (delicious chicken or lamb curry) *
  • Kababs (chicken, fish, lamb kababs – varied recipes) *
  • Kadai kheema matar (minced meat and peas) *
  • Kajoo murgi (chicken in cashewnut sauce) *
  • Classic fish and prawn curry
  • Patra–ni-Machi (fish in banana leaf)
  • Baked fish
  • Kolmino Patio – parsi prawn curry
  • Biryani (rice) (fish, chicken, lamb, vegetable biryanis) *

Punjabi menu:

  • Punjabi kadhi chawal (dumpling in yogurt sauce served with rice)
  • Chana bhatura (chickpea curry served with indian deep fried bread)
  • Dal makhani (lentils)
  • Amritsari fish
  • Rajma chawal (kidney beans curry served with rice)
  • Sarson ka saag (made of mustard leaves and spinach)
  • Puri and suffed paranthas (indian breads with different stuffings)

Party snacks:

  • Tikkas (fish, vegetable, paneer, lamb, chicken)
  • Samosas (crispy pastry filled with meat or mixed vegetables)
  • Pakoras (fritters, deep fry dumplings – you can make them with any vegetables or meat)
  • Dahi bhalla (lentil dumplings served with yogurt and chutneys)
  • Papdi & Chaats (fried dough wafers served with boiled potatoes, chick peas, yogurt & tamarind chutney)
  • Pav bhaji (mixed vegetables served with bread buns – typical Mumbai snack)
  • Poha (snack made of flattened or crushed rice and vegetables)
  • Kathi rolls (any filling rolled up in any kind of Indian flatbread)
  • Cutlets (e.g. Aloo tikki – potato cutlet)
  • Kabab (fish, vegetable, lamb, chicken patties) e.g.Shami kabab, Reshmi kabab, Galouti kabab, Bihari kabab, Hara Bhara kabab, Paneer kabab, Boti kabab, Galawat ke kabab….

Parsi cuisine:

  • Dhansak (consists of several types of lentils cooked with meat and vegetables)
  • Kolmino Patio (Prawn Patio – popular parsi dish)
  • Sas–ni–Machhi (baked fish in red sauce)
  • Tamota per indoo (baked eggs on tomato)
  • Spicy, sweet and sour vegetable stew is also called “Laganshala” as it is served at weddings.
  • Laganno Sas (fish in spicy white sauce – served at weddings)
  • Patra-ni-Machi (traditional dish served at wedding dinners. Fish in banana leaf)