Turmeric, Saffron, Ginger, Coriander …….. mmmm! – lose yourself in the flavours of the Subcontinent and introduce a new dimension to your everyday cooking. My Indian workshop gives you some great ideas for home cooking and entertaining. Information on Indian ingredients and cooking techniques ensures this class is perfect for anyone interested in the wholesome cuisine of this vibrant and beautiful country, where food is a daily celebration of life.

You will learn some easy to prepare, nutritious and impressive dishes for sophisticated everyday cooking like dal (lentils), palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese), biryani (rice), kebabs etc. Throwing a dinner party needn’t be traumatically complicated. With plenty of clever tips and mouthwatering dishes, you’ll leave the workshop with new ideas, new confidence and no-nonsense, yet stylish dinner party ideas.

The aim of the cookery workshop is also to facilitate different groups of people to share a healthy meal together once a week and see cookery as a medium for encouraging cross-cultural understanding and facilitating the exchange of cultural experiences.

I hope to run several series of cookery workshops highlighting recipes from different parts of India. The group can also suggest what type of food they wish to learn – vegetarian, traditional, gourmet, mughlai, parsi, punjabi etc. etc.

The course covers lots of hands-on cooking. I will only be the facilitator for the group’s activities and demonstrate each recipe giving you lots of fresh ideas and tips about planning, flavor, texture and taste while you will be carrying out all the cooking yourselves.
There will be an opportunity to eat all the dishes that you make. The group sits down together after each session to eat. The food is matched with non-alcoholic beverages or wine.

The courses run for maximum 4 hours and cover 4 – 5 recipes at a time that are easily adaptable to other vegetables, pulses, grains or even meat, fish and poultry, if you are cooking for friends and family at home. I will provide you with the printed recipes for each dish from the course.

All in a very relaxed atmosphere … it’s not a school or “hells” kitchen, but it’s all about having fun with food!

The group will consist of minimum 4 and maximum 8 members. You can join together with your friends and form a group. If you join on an individual basis, I will get back to you with the details of other members before the session.

These sessions will be conducted at my house. The cost is €75 per workshop. If you participate in 3 sessions, you will get 10% discount.

If you are interested, please contact me on 06 5588 3510 or email 

Hurry to avoid any disappointments as there are limited places. Whether you are a novice or a budding cook, everyone is welcome!

List of Dishes (Click to view)