We offer special events such as teambuilding cooking classes or cooking parties.
Whether you are thinking about a unique teambuilding exercise for your employees,  organize a special cooking party with your friends to celebrate any occasion or looking for a stress-free way to throw a dinner party, we can customize a special event to meet your needs. Special events include but are not limited to: teambuilding, birthday parties, holiday parties, special occasions. You can choose the class style and menu perfect for your upcoming event.

1) Walking Dinner in 2013 and 2014

Our neighbourhood “Archipel and Willemspark” organized a ‘walking dinner’. It was a superb way to meet new people, to visit their homes and enjoy great meals!!! People could register as diners or as cooks. Finally, 15 chefs volunteered to cook for about 130 people.

I offered to cook for 6 guests. We had to prepare a 3 course meal for our guests but what came as a surprise was that we would receive different guests for each course. This meant that I would have to host 18 guests. What I learnt later was that all the diners would also be meeting different people for each course. Hats off to the organizers! It must have surely been a great puzzle to sort out this arrangement.

I decided to cook an Indian vegetarian meal with kebabs served as a starter with mint & tamarind chutney;
followed by chickpea masala, rice and cinnamon mushrooms as the main course, accompanied by raita and chutneys;
and the royal Sheer (vermicelli cooked in milk with lots of dry fruits, saffron, dates) as a dessert and served with masala chai.

It was a big hit and everybody enjoyed the meal tremendously. We later met up for final drinks and a get-together with all the guests, chefs and the organisers. It was a great success and I am already looking forward to next years’ Walking Dinner!

2) Hague University – European Studies

I was invited as a keynote speaker to address a very interesting and, for me personally, very appealing subject: “Food in Europe with a focus on Indian food in British culture”, highlighting the cultural, economic and political dimensions. This was followed by questions and debate.

3) Get-together of Jeanet vd Krol and her 16 friends  in Amsterdam.

4) Birthday party of Kathleen Shordt and her 20 friends in Den Haag.

5) Neighbourhood party (buurtfeest) at Bankaplein

Every year ‘Bankaplein’ in the Archipelbuurt in Den Haag, is closed to the traffic for a day, decorated with very colourful flags, long tables are set where friends and neighbours can sit together, gossip over a glass of wine, beer, snacks or a meal, listen to the live music and enjoy the festivities and hopefully a nice sunny weather!!!!
This year the neighbourhood party was organized on the 8th of September. There was a great surprise planned for the children – a mini train ride on the square, the carrousel, yummy poffertjes (mini pancakes). Many musical neighbours were performing a live show with their band, which was later followed by a dance party.
It was a great experience for me personally to be involved in the organization and preparation of Indian buffet dinner for more than 300 people for our neighbourhood party. It would not have been a success without the involvement of few volunteers who cooked a delicious meal. We made chana (chickpeas), chicken curry, lamb curry, raita, mint chutney and rice. It was such fun to come across and make new friends too. I enjoyed every moment of it.

6) Tailor made workshop conducted at De Glindster

I had an exciting, enjoyable and a special project conducting a workshop for a group of around 10 children in the age group of 14-18 years. A Dutch foundation offers ‘on the job education/training’ to some 20 children in their restaurant ‘De Glindster’ near Barneveld, a very beautiful part of the Netherlands. Special attention is given to children living on the premises with foster parents because of their violent parents or being handicapped etc. The “levels” of these children are very different on learning, in their social skills and sometimes in their motivation. Some of these kids wish to pursue cooking and hope to become a chef or go into the restaurant business later in life. For them this workshop was not only about cooking an Indian meal but also understanding responsibilities, other culture and building up their confidence. This two- day workshop was a very inspiring experience for me, specially since the children were very keen to learn. They prepared an Indian buffet dinner for around 40 guests of the restaurant for Saturday evening, serving 16 dishes. It was great fun for everybody and the food was delicious!!!!!