A bit about myself – I was born and brought up in India and arrived in Holland in 1998, when my Dutch husband whom I had met and married in New Delhi, got transferred back to the Netherlands. I have always been interested in cooking and particularly enjoyed experimenting with new cuisines from all over the world. Food has also enabled me to enchant my family and friends and make new ones the world over.

The balance of flavours in proper home-made food is delicate yet robust, gentle yet hearty and what’s more, the aromas greet you before the hostess does. Any Indians pastime is to delight & amuse each other with mouth-watering stories of their meals – the tenderness of the meats, the perfect harmonized spices, the colour and texture of the curry. A party is a good one only if the food passes the test.

My mother, who is a great vegetarian cook, has been my guide and the inspiring factor… and I owe her a great deal. She believes that the prime ingredient of any recipe is LOVE. With food, as in life, you take out what you put in. Cook passionately from deep within. Use your heart and hands generously and you surprise yourself on how those few extra moments create wonders.

I hope to introduce your taste-buds to real Indian food, which I have till now not come across in any restaurant in The Hague or anywhere else in the Netherlands.

The aim of my cookery workshop is also to facilitate different groups of people to share a healthy meal together once a week and see cookery as a medium of encouraging cross-cultural understanding and facilitating the exchange of cultural experiences.

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in the wholesome cuisine of this vibrant and beautiful country, where food is a daily celebration of life.

Kind regards